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What is the fastest way to build my credit?
Focus on building positive credit first. If you have revolving accounts such as credit cards, pay them all down to 5% utilization rate. If you don’t have any credit cards start with two secured credit cards.
How does credit rebuilding work?
We have a team full of trained credit experts who specialize in rebuilding and establishing credit. 80% of people have errors on their credit report. It is our job to strategically find those errors. Once the errors are found, the account must be removed according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act. We use the law. We also develop a tailored, strategic plan to help you improve your credit score while removing items.
What if the account is actually mine?
We are not challenging weather the account is yours. We know that it is. We are challenging the bureaus to make sure they are reporting the account accurately. If the account is not reported accurately, then it must be removed from your report, according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act. You have rights.
How do you know if the account reporting is inaccurate?
The credit bureaus have criteria they must follow in order to legally report an account on your credit report. The criteria consist of up to 300 records of information. If one of those records are missing, then the account must be removed. Our team looks at every single record of the criteria.
What if I already made a payment on the negative account?
They still have to prove that you were the person who gave the signed authority for that payment. If this cannot be verified then the account must be removed.
What if I pay my collections off?
Paying your collections off will not get the account removed or improve your credit score. The collection will still be there. It will still have a negative impact on your score. The key is to get it strategically removed by using the laws.
What should I pay off first on my report?
If you have accounts that are late, pay those first in order to catch up on payments and prevent them from having a negative impact to your score. Then, iIf you have credit cards, pay all of the balances down to 5%.
What if the account that was challenged comes back verified that its reporting correctly?
There’s no need to panic. Our team then takes it a step further to make sure the verification process of the account was done properly. If it wasn’t done properly, they have violated your rights, and the account must be removed.
Should I pay off my credit cards and just close them out?
Never close any old account. This will drastically decrease your score. The age of accounts represents 15% of your credit score. By closing the account, you erase the age of the account, which is helping your score.
How can a bureau report an account inaccurately on my report?
Bureaus have to deal with millions and millions of people’s credit reports. Statistics show that 80% of people have errors on their reports. For example: what if an account is showing that the term of the loan was 12 months instead of the 6 months you signed up for? That’s an error and that account must be removed.
What score does the bank pull to approve me for a loan?
The bank only pulls FICO scores.
When can I start seeing results?
While we do not guarantee any specific results, we do have a proven track record: almost all of our clients receive results within the first 45 days.



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